Nfo Creator 2015 for Dummies-Part 1 Posting To The Older Style Forum

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Nfo Creator 2015 for Dummies-Part 1 Posting To The Older Style Forum


Post by Dirk » Sat Feb 27, 2016 12:37 am

Do you want to Post in a Usenet forum? Do you think NFO Movie Creator maybe to complicated? Nothing could be further from the truth. The following step by step instructions I call "Nfo Creator 2015 for Dummies" [taken by the books of similar names] will show you how little you need to know to make a professional looking post to an nzb forum using LuJoSoft Movie Nfo Creator 2015.

There are many forums out there to chose from. Some using up-to-date software that will do a lot of the work for you. I will concentrate this tutorial on forums that can feel daunting since they only give you the bare bones to work with. They do almost nothing except give you a location for the post, usually by category, to post a Movie or TV show on a blank page. Before LuJoSoft Movie Nfo Creator 2015 these forums required at least the basic knowledge of Bbcoding and some trial and error hunting and pecking to make your post look any good at all. No longer.

If your forum uses a program with various data fields already setup or filled in automatically, then go here for more information on that type of forum.


The following steps will work for a TV or Movie post equally well and only require 2 files that can be obtained from the Usenet group of your choice. A .nzb file and a information file [a file with a .nfo extension]. Additionally, it will require as little as 3 simple tab settings in LuJoSoft Movie Nfo Creator 2015 V:, the latest version at the time of this edit. **[5 including a one time setup in 1 tab and viewing the preview tab if you want to see what your post will look like]

In most cases this will produce you all the information any forum member may want to know and make you look good in the process. I'll add a custom template after the steps that will allow you to cut and paste it directly into LuJoSoft Movie Nfo Creator 2015.

1) launch program (using movie nfo creator V:

2) Click the "Tv Info" tab.

3) Click "search Tmdb for a new" button

4) The "Search Tmdb For a movie" screen opens

5) Enter a TV title (use "" in this example) (you could also enter "code black" or "code-black", I like since it's a quick copy and paste from a Usenet header and saves me typing it in. I find this especially useful for posting long title names)

6) Click "Tv Search"

7) Click "Code Black" in the "Select a Movie" box

8) The Overview with image and release date, if available, imports into the program

9) Click ok, data imports to "Tv Info" tab screen, (By Default the "Fit Image" Box is checked. Thus you will see the entire cover you'll be posting. This was just 1 of many improvements LuJoSoft has made to this program over the past few months).

9a) Click the Extra Info tab (Note: this will be a 1 time setup for this type of post) In the Footnote box type [xxx] [/xxx] replace the 3 xxx in the brackets with the letters nfo, (I like 2 spaces between the nfo codes but that's your call) then just check the box that says "Remember Info" When you paste this post to the forum page the information in the .nfo Usenet file you collected earlier would be simply pasted inbetween the [xxx] [/xxx] coding. (again the xxx stands for nfo)

10) Click the "Create Template" Tab then select a Predifined Template (or use the one I'll give you at the end that will work better for this type of post. You won't have to download a entire movie or TV show as long as you have the 2 files I mentioned in the prologue at the beginning of this thread, the .nfo and .nzb files)

11) Click the "Create NFO" tab

12) Click the Green "Create Descriptions" button

13) The info appears, click "copy to" under "Nfo Bbcode" box to copy your post to the clipboard

14) Click "Preview" tab to review the post (if you want to take a peak at it, not needed when you've tried a few posts and you are comfortable with the steps above)

15) Use Ctrl V or right click and paste to the forum's blank page.

Note: From here you would typically add the nzb's title and designate where the forums program wants you to upload the NZB file from your hard drive.

Suggested Template for this type of post: (in the Create Template tab simple click "New" in the Manage templates box, paste in the template below, enter a name in the "Save template center box", and click save.

--------------blank line---------------
--------------blank line---------------
--------------blank line---------------
--------------blank line---------------
--------------blank line---------------
Release info
Release Title
Original Name
--------------blank line---------------
--------------blank line---------------
Imdb Info
TmDb Url
Imdb Url
Release Date
--------------blank line---------------
--------------blank line---------------
Cast Info
--------------blank line---------------
--------------blank line---------------
--------------blank line---------------
--------------blank line---------------

A final note, Under the "preferences" tab, you can remove all the other tabs NOT mentioned here by unchecking the boxes for those tabs. You can always turn them back on if you feel like playing with all the other many things this program can do.

Have Fun :-h
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Re: Nfo Creator 2015 for Dummies


Post by Superl » Sat Feb 27, 2016 1:57 am

Nice info, I never posted in a Usenet forum, dummies are good for everyone.

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