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Skyrim Script Compiler


Post by Superl » Sun Dec 07, 2014 8:02 am

Skyrim Script Compiler
Skyrim Script Compiler is a tool to replace the Construction Kit papyrus compiler', use it anywhere on your PC. For many year now I enjoyed all the work that the Nexus community did now it's my turn to give a bit.

There isn't that much to say about this tool, if you don't know what it is about then it's not for you.

Don't ask for:
For me to include a decompiler, this tool isn't about ripping other modders work ask for it instead. If they don't share there code it's their right.

Future of this project:
For now it's what it is, complete and functional. My intention is to make it better like with text editor with syntax highlighting, auto indent and ... Everything will depend of the popularity of this tool, if I feel that the demand is there I will upgrade it.

Edit existing script.
Create new script.
Same feature as the Construction Kit.
Error or success window
Tab all selected line.
Copy and paste from context menu, just right click.
Nice live search filter on open existing script.
Very easy to use.
Feature auto update is disable until I decide if popular enough.
And maybe more to come.

How to install:
Extract anywhere you want.
Double click on Skyrim Script Compiler.exe.
Click on the Configure button to set your Skyrim install folder.
En voila! start using it.

System requirements:
If your able to run Skyrim then there shouldn't be any problems with your OS.
.Net Framework 4.5.

[center]:-bd Download here :-bd[/center][/color]

Come and say hello in here
Any donation will help click here please.

Have a nice day :103:

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