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New and improved Skyrim Script Editor Pro work SSE
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Skyrim Script Editor Pro SE


Post by Superl » Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:00 pm

Skyrim Script Editor Pro SE
What's new:
First it will work with Skyrim Special Edition. I redesign the core so now it's much faster than ever in ever function you choose. All script are all loaded at init time to get access to any of them in a fraction of second. Also added localization so the program will use you PC language, for now only a few language are disponible: ar, de, fr-CA, hi, nl and zh-Hans. But like always if your language isn't there just request it and will put it in the next update the next day. Also if you find spelling error please let me know so I can fix it

Image Description:
Skyrim Script Editor is a tool to replace the Creation Kit's default script editor. It provides the same functionality, as well as dozens of other features - some the same as other script editors, like Sublime Papyrus, and many unique to SSE. (You may find a list of all the included features below.) SSE is my way of giving back to the wonderful modding community.
This is a tool strictly for Skyrim modders, not mod users. If you don't understand it or the code being used, then this tool is not for you. It is used for the practice of Skyrim scripting.
Don't Ask Me For:
A decompiler. It's not something I am interested in creating, nor something that I support. If you want one, you can find one elsewhere, but I will not be including it in SSE.
Future Plans:
It's currently very complete and functional. You can use it for all your scripting needs. I've implemented the features I most wanted to at the beginning of this project, like Auto-Complete and Syntax Highlighting. However, I'm constantly looking for new suggestions to make this utility better, so please comment if you have any ideas. And, of course, I'll continue squashing any bugs I find. If you find anything that may be a bug, please report it as well so I can get to it as soon as possible.
- Edit existing script
- Create new script from within the editor
- Quick compile with Ctrl+S
- Compilation error/success window
- Filter for opening script with options of "Starts with" and "Contains"
- Auto complete (SKSE support as well)
- Syntax highlighting
- Customization of highlighting colors from within the editor
- Clean, professional look
- Extreme customization of all features
- Easy to use
- Resizeable/minimizable code and compilation result windows
- Highlighting of words that are the same as selected
- FileDiff tool to show differences between two scripts
- Bookmarking line feature
- Mark line as green/yellow/red
- Multi-language support (currently English/French)
- Comment out current line feature
- Line cloning
- Column selecting
- Custom auto completes
- "Draft" save (save without compiling)
- Code folding
- Macro recording
- Line numbers (toggleable)
- Export to "rtf" or "html"
- Various hot-keys for functions, like Go To Line, Replace, and many more
- Auto update feature or update from within editor (Help>About)
- Online help and support
- Tab functionality, including tab all selected lines
- Copy and paste functionality
- Spell check on commented out areas and strings
- Multiple tabs "files"
- Drag tabs
- Drag and drop files directly in the editor
- Open recent
- Open last session
- Auto open last file at start-up
- Custom tab style
- Syntax highlighting color preset "theme"
- Spelling check as now four styles to choose from. New
- Customizable spelling color. New
- Auto indent New
- definition to event and function words in the editor when mouse over. New
- definition to event and function words in the Auto complete menu when selected. New
- Renaming of script. New
- Able now to create project and copy all the psc and pex to a project name folder. New
- Color themes to main application, you can change the frame color from many color choice. New
- Something new everyday
- Ask and you will get it
Double click on SkyrimScriptCompiler.exe.
Click Install, and go through the steps. You can install it wherever you want.
Start using it! If it doesn't auto detect your Skyrim path, you can set it by choosing Tools>Skyrim path.
Compatible with Mod Organizer.
System Requirements:
If your able to run Skyrim then there shouldn't be any problems with your OS.
.Net Framework 4
The installer that will install all the prerequisite needed.

Hope you enjoy and like always: It's absolutely Free!!! No catch no nag screen or cripple function. \:d/

Script Editor Pro SE
(14.01 MiB) Downloaded 9670 times
Script Editor Pro SE
(14.01 MiB) Downloaded 9670 times

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Have a nice day :103:

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