New change to all my app that store image on image site

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New change to all my app that store image on image site


Post by Superl » Sun Feb 08, 2015 9:08 pm

This decision will be very difficult for me to take and I still don't know witch way I will go.

For almost now 7 years I'm creating free app for everyone to use without limits or any other trap that others do to try to get money for there work. After over 500,000 d/ls I received $ 180.00 in donation from exactly 6 users, thank you to them again for the appreciation you gave me. The problem is that my app are free and I did maintained them free even if I'm paying from my pocket every time you guys use it, every month I pay fee to all those image storage so you can store them and use the services for free, plus fee for LuJoSoft server that I pay every years "don't forget this is a private server and it's not free ", to be able to continue to distribute all the app I'm producing for your use, all this without advertising on the site.

So unless user start giving donation I will have no choice to change the way the site operates and will use one of these or all of these solution:
  • Shut down LuJoSoft. Don't like that one and would be the last thing I will do.
  • Start putting nag popups for donation. One of the better choice I will have for now.
  • Time limits use of the application.
  • Start charging a fee for all new version that I will create.
  • Add advertising on the site. And that I don't like it.
  • Will stop paying all those fee for the image storage and you will have manually use all your own. This will start on the next billing
So if you don't want to see any of those change then go on the about page of the application your using and press that button for donation. or click the one in my signature.

Note I don't care about the amount even $1 is good and better than 0

Come and say hello in here
Any donation will help click here please.

Have a nice day :103:

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