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Post by Superl » Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:32 am

There is nothing wrong with it and you are doing nothing wrong either it's just that when you preview it in windows photo viewer it shrink it to fit it in the application that's all that why if you post it you will see that the text is big enough

Here is an image to explain
-- Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:26 am --

My to do list for this program.
1. Keep setting at re-opening of the application. Done
2. Need to add blank screen detection trackbar. Done
3. Drop and drag function. Done
4. Disable the width trackbar when movie resolution is checked. Done
5. Add a function to keep the application on top for drag and drop event. Done
6. Add a note box and text to be written at the top of the thumbnail. Done
7. Improve for less blur screen. Done
8. Add color picker for font and background color. Done
9. Add saving separate thumbs. Done
10 Add blur detection track bar. Done
11. Design to ameliorate. Done
12. Drag and drop folder. Done
13. Add a Time stamp off. Done
14. and ............................

Feel free to give input on that it's very important for it to be the best ever built

New screenshot of the app

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Any donation will help click here please.

Have a nice day :103:

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