What do I charge for a custom template

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What do I charge for a custom template


Post by Superl » Sat May 21, 2011 4:34 pm

Very easy any amount of donation and I'm really serious I don't care about the amount it's really the gesture of doing it.

A template will take me about 2 to 4 hrs to do, the main application took up to date at least 80 hrs of work and I give it up for free like all my applications. I have over 31,000 download and received $ 126.00 of donation from that there was two donations of 25.00 and one of 30.00 so in fact it's $ 46.00 for all the d/l - 3.

So please don't ask me how much, give what you can and I will be very happy.

Thank's in advance. :-bd

Come and say hello in here
Any donation will help click here please.

Have a nice day :103:


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