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Post by Superl » Tue Dec 15, 2015 5:18 pm


Don’t you just love Windows Automatic Update? On the second Tuesday of each month Microsoft releases their software updates and patches for Windows, which are usually numerous, and most computers receive these updates automatically if Windows Update is turned on. You might notice your computer slow down while these updates are installed in the background. After they are installed, you’ll always get a message to restart your computer. If you are not in the middle of doing work, which is probably not going to be the case considering the update always occurs in the middle of the work day for me, then you’ll probably click on Cancel or Restart Later.

However, Microsoft felt that when you clicked that button, you were somehow dishonoring their great service, so they keep reminding you of your injustice by popping up the same NAGGING message every 10 minutes!!! Yes I know I have to restart the computer, I do it ALL THE TIME anyway, you don’t have to keep telling me to do it! Image I got rid of the nagging Restart Now message, and it’s wonderful not having to see that stupid message while I’m watching a movie.

This little application will help you accomplish that in two ways:
  • The first control if you check the check box will prompt you with the nagging messag every 12 hours.
  • The second control will let you specify how many minutes of interval you want it to appear. Note that the first check box must be uncheck to enable this control.
System requirement:
  • Window Xp.
  • Windows installer 3.1. if not install the program will install it.
  • .Net framework 3.5 SP1. if not install the program will install it.
  1. Extract using winrar.
  2. Then double click setup.
  3. Then enjoy!

RestartLate_ control.rar
(832.77 KiB) Downloaded 499 times
RestartLate_ control.rar
(832.77 KiB) Downloaded 499 times

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